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Welcome to Rozinlapaz — This website is devoted to arts and cultural happenings in La Paz, BCS, México. The listings on this page are updated as new information comes in, so check back often. Schedules can change, so if your heart is set on a particular event, best to double-check place and time. Expect to hear mainly Spanish spoken at most of these events.

For directions on how to find event venues, go to the Venues page. The Ongoing Activities page is a directory of ongoing and repeating arts and cultural activities around La Paz (for example, regularly scheduled drawing and writing groups, live music venues, Spanish schools and movie theatres are listed here) The LiveMusic page is a directory of bars and restaurants that feature live music. The Links page points you to other English-language sites and sources of information about La Paz and Baja California Sur. The website’s  Features archives have several stories from past years about artists and musicians.

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In Todos Santos, film festival begins: The 16th annual Festival de Cine Todos Santos March 21-24 presents more than 50 Spanish language films with English subtitles. For more information, visit the festival’s website at and the Facebook page Festival de Cine Todos Santos.


Triathlon: Triatlón ITU PAN AMERICAN CUP La Paz 2019 events are happening on the Malecón. 3: 15 p.m., Elite category on Playa Malecón (corner Héroes Colegio Militar); 3:20 Olimpico category Playa Malecón (corner Héroes Colegio Militar); 5 p.m. Sprint Playa Malecón (corner Guedalupe Victoria); 8 p.m. awards ceremony Kiosko at the foot of 16 de Septiembre.

Flamenco guitar and song concert: Gabriel Garcia Paredes presents “Calandrio”, an evening of song and flamenco guitar at 7 p.m. at La Levedad Del Ser, on Morelos 512 between Ignacio Ramírez and Guillermo Prieto. Admission is by donation. The performance space La Levedad del Ser (“lightness of being”) is the new cultural project of the founders of Galería de Arte Tonantzin.

Spring concert: Orquesta Filarmónica Comunitaria (OFILCO) presents a concert with music from Handel, Strauss, Mozart, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Mendelsson, Dvorak and Rimski-Korsakov at 7 p.m. at the Sala de Conciertos de Semillas de Vida, Calle Altamirano 3780 on the corner of Colima. Conductors are Jaime Alejandro Peláez, José Luis de León Álvarez and David Guluarte Avitia. Admission is $50 pesos.

Spring concert: Pianist Angela Zanevsky performs at Baja Music and Piano Studio, Melitón Albañez 1730 between Ocampo and Degollado. For information and tickets, call 125-0465. Admission is $150 pesos.


In El Triunfo, arts festival: The 12th Festival Artesanal features show and sale of regional crafts, regional foods, live entertainment, ballet folklórico, photography show and piano concert. Activities start at about 10 a.m.


Mariachi and tango gala performance: Son de Mariachi a Ritmo de Tango brings more than 30 performers to the stage for a production of dance, music and song. Joining them is special guest pianist Marta Lledo. The show is at 5 p.m. at Teatro de la Ciudad. It’s a benefit for teenaged mothers. Tickets are sold at the production office of Teatro de la Ciudad from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tickets: $200 pesos orchestra, $100 pesos balcony.  For information, call 612 122 50 11.

Art show opening: A collective exhibition of work by participants in Francisco Merino’s drawing workshop has its opening at 7 p.m. at the Centro Cultural La Paz, 16 de Septiembre at the corner of Belisario Dominguez. Artists include Carlos Moreno, Rocío García, Antonio Talamantes, Marisol de Jesús Contreras, Daniela Quevedo Ornelas, Rosario Núñez and maestro Francisco Merino. Closing date unknown.


Bicycle race begins: La Etapa cycling race March 30 and 31 takes place along the Malecón. Races vary in length from 20 kilometres to 125 kilometres. Tied in with the Tour de France 2019, several of these events are being held around the world in what organizers say is a way to let people experience the excitement of a professional Tour de France race. For more information, visit the website or the Facebook page

In Todos Santos, Beerfest: Live bands, 15 restaurants and more than 25 beer sellers participate in Beerfest Todos Santos from noon to 11 pm. at Plaza de Todos Santos. Performers include the Mexican Weirdohs, Outsiders, Underdogs, Rap 130, DJ Dimitri Cota, The Toscos and No Polution. For more information, visit the Facebook page Beer Fest Todos Santos.


Jazz Fest La Paz: Live jazz from 5 to 10 p.m. at Hotel Marea La Paz, Calle Sinaloa at the beach. VIP tickets are $400 pesos; general admission is $200 pesos; students up to 18, only $50 pesos. Discount Tickets at Restaurante Nim La Paz Bcs y R PLACE. For more information, call 612-154-9859 or visit the Facebook page Jazz Fest La Paz. On the program: Big Band La Paz, Le Musette, JazSur and Terry Townson Quartet. Grammy Winner Terry Townson will close the night with his tribute to Miles Davis “Kind of Blue to Devil´s Brew.”

State music school youth orchestra in concert: The Orquesta Sinfónica Juvenil de la Escuela de Música del Estado performs at 7 p.m. at Sala de Conciertos La Paz, next door to the school of music. Tickets are $50 pesos. They are on sale at the Escuela de Música del Estado Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. The school and concert hall are at Morelos 1055, on the corner of Marcelo Rubio. For more information, call 122 22 86 or 125 55 19.


Daylight Savings Time begins in Mexico Sunday at 2 a.m.: Most parts of the US and Canada switched to Daylight Savings Time March 10. Spring forward, fall back. Lose an hour of sleep in the spring, get an extra hour in the fall.


Semana Santa begins: This is the week leading up to Easter Sunday, April 21. Semana Santa is a big time for family vacations. Most schools are closed for Easter break April 15-26, and many families will be on holidays. Expect government offices, banks and businesses to close on the Thursday or Friday before Easter; some will close for the entire week. Beaches, highways and hotels will be at their busiest. The vacation for many continues through the week after Easter, too.


Original FestOriginal Fest LPZ features Baja California Sur musicians playing their original tunes. Among the groups performing: Lúnula, No Polution, Gabo Ponce, Flip Ska, Kartage, Terrorista Indigo, Nautes and Duck Fizz. Location is Saulo’s Ristorante. Live music from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. For more information call 612-154-9859. Visit the FaceBook page for more information.


Blues Fest in Todos Santos: Live music from 5 to 11 p.m. at this benefit for the firefighters — Bomberos Todos Santos. Performers include The Toscos, Firewater Band, Deep Sensation, Divier and Brian Flynn Band. Pre-sale tickets are $250 pesos; at the door, $350 pesos. For more information, call 612-154-9859 and visit the Facebook page BluesFest Todos Santos. Location of the show is Gallo Azul Pizza Bar Art.


Wednesday, May 1, International Labour Day: In Mexico this is a day rest for the workers. Be aware that many government offices, banks, schools, some stores and offices will be closed May 1st (Primero de Mayo) in all of Mexico.

Thursday, May 9, Pink Floyd tribute concert: “Wish you were here” pays tribute to the best of the music of Pink Floyd. The show features Durga McBroom, U.S. singer, songwriter and actress who has performed backing vocals for Pink Floyd. With her are The Echoes, La Paz’s tribute band. The free concert is at 8 p.m. at the Kiosko at the foot of 16 de Septiembre. It’s part of the 484th anniversary of the founding of La Paz.

Friday, May 10, Mother’s Day in Mexico: Día de las Madres is always celebrated May 10. Some employers give working mothers the day off, or at least treat them to lunch or flowers. To learn more about how Mother’s Day is celebrated here, go to Our northern neighbours celebrate Mother’s Day the second Sunday in May — this year it’s May 12.

CONTINUING: Check directly with venue on status of the shows below

Opened March 8, art show: “Horizontes”, an exhibition of pictures by Anahi Galindo, is at Galería de Arte Carlos Olachea, on Navarro between Altamirano and Heroes de la Independencia. Admission is free. Closing date unknown.

Opened Feb. 28, exhibition of Carnaval masks and photos: Masks and photographs of the Carnaval in Venice are on display at Centro Cultural Roger de Conynck, the cultural centre for Alianza por la Lengua Francesa, Gómez Farias 525 between República and Guerrero. Admission is free. The centre is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 5 – 9 p.m.; Saturdays 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Opened Feb. 22, art show: An exhibition of work by Pat Solem and Ulla Behn is at the Bagel Shop (upstairs gallery) at Belisario Dominguez 291, between Constitution and 5 de Mayo. Closing date unknown.

Opened Feb. 8, photography show: “Alquimia”, an exhibition of photographs by Orso Angulo, is at La Galería El Faro, calle Navarro between Ignacio Ramírez and Guillermo Prieto. Admission is free. (closing date not known)

Opened Jan. 25, sculpture show: An exhibition of sculptures by artists Arturo Caballero, Francisco Camaño and Orso Angulo Campillo is at Centro Cultural La Paz, Av. 16 de septiembre on the corner of Belisario Domínguez. Admission is free. The exhibition Balleno Morfas continues until March 8.

Art and cultural exhibitions: There are several galleries around La Paz with art shows and cultural displays, among them: Galería de Arte Carlos Olachea (Antonio Navarro between Ignacio Manuel Altamirano and Héroes de Independencia, next door to Teatro de la Ciudad); the lobby of Teatro de la Ciudad; the Centro de Artes, Tradiciones y Culturas Populares (Calle Madero between Constitución and 5 de Mayo); Centro Cultural La Paz (16 de Septiembre and Belisario Dominguez); Alianza por la Lengua Francesa’s Centro Cultural Roger de Conynck (Gómez Farias 525 between República and Guerrero); Galería La Pintada in the Casa de Cultura del Estado de BCS (Calle Madero 825 between Salvatierra and Torre Iglesias). Admission is free. See the “Venues” page and the organizations’ Facebook pages for more information.

Museums: The anthropology museum, Museo Regional de Antropología e Historia, is at Altamirano and 5 de Mayo — there is a small admission. See the “Venues” page for more information.

Concert halls and theatres: Among the theatres and concert venues in the city are: Sala de Conciertos de la Ciudad de La Paz (at Morelos 1055, on the corner of Marcelo Rubio, next to the state music school); the music school, Escuela de Música del Estado; Teatro de la Ciudad (Navarro and Héroes de Independencia); Teatro Juárez (on Belisario Dominguez between 16 de Septiembre and Independencia). See the “Venues” page for more information. Visit the venues or check their Facebook pages for information on upcoming concerts.

Cultural display: The collective exhibition, “Hombre, Naturaleza y Cultura” (man, nature and culture), in the CÓDEX Península salon of the Centro Cultural La Paz is a permanent photography show that highlights the special characteristics that make up the cultural identity of Baja California Sur. A video showcasing BCS complements the photographs. Photographers are Elizabeth Moreno Damm, Enrique Hambleton, Alejandro Rivas Sánchez, Carlos Navarro Serment, Carlos Aguilera Calderón, Miguel Ángel de la Cueva and Fernando Sánchez Bernal. Text is in English and Spanish. Admission is free.

Children’s library and activity centre:  Biblioteca Infantil Abrapalabra is on Calle Revolución 590 on the corner of Juárez, inside La Galería. It’s open Monday through Friday from 3:30 to 7:30 p.m. There are activities daily at 5 p.m.: Monday, stories and playdough; Tuesday, words workshop; Wednesday, storybook characters and activities for baby; Thursday, “The best book  in the world”; Friday, notes for living on planet Earth; Saturday, workshops. Visits are free. Activities cost $10 pesos to restock materials.

Live music in restaurants and bars around La Paz: Check out the “Live Music” page on this website for nightspots that have performances.


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