December 2007 Roz in La Paz

Saturday night in La Paz. It’s a half-block walk downhill from my apartment on Calle Bravo to the skateboard park, tonight the site of an arts and crafts fair. Weave through carvings, jewelry, embroidery, pottery – and stare into the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAmuzzle of a full-sized horse sculpted from metal and coconut palm. Stroll north along the seaside promenade called the Malecón. In a small plaza across from the dock, the university concert has begun. A small boy dances, dangling tiptoe from his father’s grasp, to a duet of classical guitars.

Walk a few blocks farther. Rock music full-throttles from the bandstand. Teenaged girls jangle money cans for charity. Cars cruise along the seaside street of Obregon. Now head uphill to the cathedral square for a game of Mexican bingo. The plaza swarms with Lotería players, listening for the call of ¡Bruja! (witch), ¡La Luna! (moon), whatever picture will make their card a winner.

Back along the Malecón. From the discos, waves of high volume wash up against each other; baby-boomer rock crashes into Norteño music. A block more and I’m home. At the corner, a flower seller makes me a gift of one white rose. The beauty of being an English-speaking newcomer in La Paz is that everything is fresh. The challenge is that there is so much to learn.

And that’s the purpose of this website: to list coming events and to share what I discover about music, art and life in the city. Keep me posted on what you know. Tell me what you want to see here. Join me in the fun of getting to know La Paz.

(Originally posted December 2007)