Here are links to online and printed resources for more information about the arts scene, La Paz and other communities in Baja California Sur.

AGENDA CULTURAL DE BAJA CALIFORNIA SUR: This well-produced and extensive guide to cultural events is published in Spanish monthly by the Instituto Sudcaliforniano de Cultural. The guide features a calendar of events, classes and workshops for adults and children and a directory of cultural venues. Much of what’s on the Roz in La Paz website is translated from the Agenda Cultural. You can find the Agenda Cultural online: follow the links for “Agenda Cultural” from the state government’s cultural events site at Copies of the Agenda Cultural at one time were available at the tourism office next to the skateboard park (Obregón between Bravo and Rosales) or at the newer tourism office on 16 de Septiembre at the corner of Belisario Dominguez, across the street from Sears department store. The Instituto Sudcaliforniano de Cultura has a Facebook page with late-breaking news of events:

THE BAJA CITIZEN: This is the community newspaper for La Paz. It’s published every two weeks and is available free at news stands around the city. Editor Gari-Ellen Donohoe has also made the newspaper available online. Visit the website at You can reach her at

BAJA INSIDER: This is an online magazine for traveling and living in the Baja. You’ll find a wide range of features, plus fishing reports, weather information and articles about Mexican holidays at

BAJA PONY EXPRESS: This e-mail newsletter serves Los Barriles and the surrounding area on the East Cape of Baja California Sur. Like the Baja Western Onion, it’s an exchange where readers post questions, want ads and items of general interest. To subscribe to this group, send email to

BAJA WESTERN ONION: an e-mail newsletter serving the communities of Todos Santos, Pescadero, and surrounding areas on southern Baja’s “Left Coast.” The BWO allows readers to post questions, want ads, or items of general interest to the local community via e-mail. To subscribe, visit the website at

CLUB CRUCEROS: The website offers a wealth of information about La Paz, including a directory of services. For more information about the organization, see listing on the Venues and Ongoing activities pages of this website.

JOURNAL DEL PACIFICO: Janice Kinne’s magazine and blog about Baja California Sur, El Calendario de Todos Santos, has become the Journal del Pacifico. You will find free copies of this beautifully produced glossy magazine around town. You can read the journal online at

KPASAPP.COM: The website describes itself as “your passport to all the events of Baja California Sur.” It covers happenings in Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo and Todos Santos, as well as some events in La Paz.

LA PAZ GRINGOS: This online forum for English-speakers in La Paz is a place to exchange information, activities and ideas. Unlike the Pony Express and Western Onion, where items are cut-and-pasted by the moderators into a concise format, LPG members get broadcast e-mails. So if you sign up, consider the option of a “daily digest” if you don’t want to get several individual e-mails daily. For information or to join, go to

LA PAZ BUSINESS NEWSFEED: This is an open Facebook group for those living in and around La Paz, BCS, Mexico. You can talk about your activity, your business or just get in touch with locals. Members share links, photos, specials and news. You join the group through Facebook. The actual URL is

LOCO LA PAZ EXPATS: This is another open Facebook group. You join the group through Facebook. Members share information about events and items of interest, making contact with other local residents. The Facebook group focuses on questions, suggestions and advertisements about La Paz and surrounding area in Baja California Sur.The actual URL is

ROZ IN LA PAZ ON FACEBOOK: The Facebook page rozinlapaz is at I post highlights from this website on the Facebook page. During the summer, when this website is on pause, you will find occasional postings of events on the Facebook page.

TOKINES LPZ: This Facebook group is a public forum for musicians, fans and owners of local bars and restaurants. It publicizes music events for the coming week. “Toquines” is an expression for concerts (as in, “tocar” — to play music). The website is in Spanish. You can join by going to the Facebook page tokines lpz.

TOURISM FACEBOOK SITE: The Secretary of Tourism in Baja California Sur has started their English Facebook page with everything that one needs to know about this beautiful state. The page has all kinds of helpful and great information on upcoming events, different attractions around the state and much more. Don’t hesitate, and take a look. Facebook- and Twitter- Visit Baja Sur